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Targeted Protein Degradation Western Blot Solutions

Simple Western™ provides critical information to run quantitative DC50 curves with a high throughput protein degradation western blot workflow and reproducible and fully quantitative data. Simple Western assays with automated Western blotting capabilities enhance accuracy, ensure data quality, and deliver results. Our systems integrate easily in PROTAC and Molecular Glue Degrader screening assays while providing you the flexibility of seamless transferability of methods and an open platform.

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Jess Instrument Simple Western

The Simple Western Advantage



Better Western blot quantification like PROTAC dose-response curve with Jess


Targeted Protein Degradation NanoPro 1000

Fully Automated PROTAC Protein Degradation Western Blot Analysis

In this App Note, researchers performed protein degradation western blot analysis of 120 samples in just two overnight runs to provide highly quantitative data, which allows for an accurate determination of DC50 and Dmax. Researchers used off-the-shelf antibodies from Novus Biologicals and PROTAC® degraders from Tocris to profile PROTAC®-induced Cereblon neosubstrate degradation.

validating targets for targeted protein degradation white paper

Validating Targets For Targeted Protein Degradation Using dTAG

dTAG degradation technology offers a generalizable strategy to degrade, in principle, any intracellular protein of interest. Its broad applicability makes this a valuable strategy for exploring and validating targets using automated western blot protein degradation assays.

Simple Westerns used for targeted protein degradation research article

Simple Western Protein Degradation Assay for TPD Research

Do you want immunoassay-like quantitation for your western blot protein degradation analysis with low sample volume? Get picogram-level sensitivity with just 3 µL of starting material! Learn how the fully automated protein degradation assay on Simple Western is used in labs worldwide to quantify Degrader-induced protein knockdown. 




Accelerating Protein Analysis Throughput at Boehringer Ingelheim

Accelerating Protein Analysis Throughput at Boehringer Ingelheim

The team at Boehringer Ingelheim presents their recent real-world TPD project examples and in-depth analysis, covering insights on device and consumable management and optimized protein degradation assay setups to increase protein degradation western blot throughput.

PROTAC degrader molecule in complex with an E3 ligase and the target protein

Automated Western Blot Protein Degradation Research

Watch Dr. Gary Allenby, CSO at Aurelia Bioscience, who shares how their research team utilizes automated protein degradation western blot systems to rapidly and reproducibly quantify protein knockdown following treatment with Degraders.

Validating Targets for Targeted Protein Degradation using dTAG Whitepaper

Targeted Protein Degradation of Lysine Acetyltransferases p300/CBP

Learn how western blot protein degradation assays with Simple Western reveal dCBP-1 protein degradation of p300/CBP in healthy and diseased cells from Christopher J. Ott, PhD, Harvard Medical School.

Additional Resources

Target Protein Degradation

Bio-Techne's Complete Targeted Protein Degradation Workflow Solution

Bio-Techne offers a unique portfolio of high-quality reagents, instruments, and services for your protein degradation pathway research. Our TPD Research Product Guide highlights our tools and services to support your Targeted Protein Degradation research.

Preview of the targeted protein degradation ebook

Benefits of Targeted Protein Degradation With PROTAC® eBook with Wiley

This edition of expert insights highlights advancements in the vibrant field of targeted protein degradation with small molecule drugs that aim for 'undruggable' targets. This eBook also connects researchers to new technologies accelerating drug discovery with robust high throughput screens and quantitative protein assays like the automated Simple Western™ platform from Bio-Techne. 

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