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Bioprocess Protein Residue Detection Using Simple Western

Screening for process related impurities like host cell protein contamination during bioprocess development is critical to demonstrating the quality, efficacy and safety of a biotherapeutic. Contaminating protein residue can be recognized as foreign antigens in vivo, triggering a potentially fatal immune response. Bioprocessing integrated solutions are needed to detect process-related impurities to accelerate process development and streamline 

The Simple Western™ family is made up of automated, capillary-based immunoassay platforms that combine the power of CE-SDS or cIEF with the sensitivity of immunodetection using conventional antibodies. Overcome the challenges of traditional ELISA without compromising sensitivity and reduce hands-on time to just 30 minutes. Simple Western provides at-line or near-line measurements of process related impurities and fast, actionable results..

  • Simple Western needs only 3 μL of sample, minimizing impact on final product titers.
  • Separate and analyze proteins by immunoassay or total protein content.
  • Analyze crude or purified samples for proteins of interest or bioprocess contaminants.
  • Quantitate protein expression, isoforms, and fragmentation in a gel- free, blot-free, hands-free format.
  • Choose from five instruments of differing throughput and separation mode options.
Protein Bioprocessing: we offer a selection of flexible and fully-integrated solutions for your workflow.

Process Related Impurities

Current methods for assessing the concentration of process related impurities, like ELISAs, flow cytometry, and traditional Western blotting are labor-intensive and prone to error. Highly sensitive Simple Western immunoassays deliver accurate detection of residual proteins resulting from therapeutic protein and vaccine development processes like host cell protein (HCP) contamination, Protein A, GFP, and bovine serum albumin (BSA).

Testing for Lentivirus and AAVs

Empty/Full Content Ratio

In addition to host cell protein residue, empty AAV particles are unwanted byproducts during the manufacturing process, but scalable solutions for measuring empty/full AAV particles are limited. Simple Western reproducibly quantifies empty/full AAV capsid content ratio directly in complex samples. This Simple Western assay for empty/full viral vectors can also apply to the capsid content (and stability) of lentivirus!


Host Cell Impurity Analysis

Host cell protein (HCP) contamination is traditionally monitored by ELISA using an anti-HCP antibody or by SDS-PAGE with total protein staining. Simple Western does both! Anti-HCP antibodies may be used on Simple Western with the added advantage over ELISA of size separation profiles and minimal matrix interference. Simple Western also has high-sensitivity total protein assays with sensitivity that rivals SYPRO Ruby.

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Simple Western Applications

immune cells attack cancer cell



Transform your cancer & immuno-oncology research by utilizing next-generation Western blotting tools to give you richer views into your samples.

Solutions for Cell Signaling and Signal Pathways Analysis

Cell Signaling


Analyze entire signaling pathways with high sensitivity multiplexing and total protein normalization.

Testing for Lentivirus and AAVs

Cell and Gene Therapy


Next-generation analytical instrumentation to help improve and accelerate your cell and gene therapy workflows.

Advances in Targeted Protein Degradation

Targeted Degradation


Boost your screening studies using high throughput & hands-free Simple Western systems for quantitative analysis.

Biosimilar Antibodies Teaser Image

Pharmacokinetic Analysis


High-throughput pharmacokinetic analysis with quantitative, high-sensitivity assays directly in complex lysates and tissue homogenates. 




A validated workflow for protein analysis in extracellular vesicle samples from the leaders in exosome isolation and high sensitivity Western blotting solutions.

Vaccine development image

Vaccine Development


Improve reproducibility, quantitation, and time to market for your vaccine candidates.

Neuroscience App image for Ella



Increase your sensitivity and multiplexing capabilities with neural samples using automated Western blotting systems.

Simple Plex HEK-HCP Assay

Bioprocess Impurities


Screen for processing-related impurities and host-cell related contaminants. Quantify empty/full capsid content of viral vectors like AAVs.


SARS-CoV-2 Research


Reduce your lab time while accelerating your COVID‑19 research. Set up, leave and remotely review your data in just 3 hours!

SARS-CoV-2 Serology

SARS-CoV-2 Serology Assay


Rapid quantitative characterization of human IgG antibodies in serum or plasma reactive against multiple SARS-CoV-2 antigens.