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Protein Bioprocessing

The Solutions you Need, from Start to Finish.

Protein bioprocessing comes with its own unique set of challenges. At Bio-Techne, wherever you are in the protein bioprocessing workflow—from discovery to cell culture, through to QC testing and product release—we’ve got solutions to break through your challenges and get your therapeutic to patient faster.

Discover our comprehensive range, from innovative analytical solutions that save loads of time and remove all the hassle, to extensive GMP products and services tailored just for you. Upstream bioprocessing or downstream bioprocessing, we’ve got you covered.

Select your stage below to discover how we can help you break through your bioprocessing challenges.


Let us help you to speed up your bioprocessing discovery workflow and get the information you need with reliable automated solutions to screen candidates and profile the immune response. Set yourself up for success by quickly collecting more data earlier on to identify the most promising therapeutic candidates.

Clone Selection

Getting to the right clone for the highest yield and quality needn’t be laborious! Discover how our flexible, automated, high-throughput solutions take all the hassle out of screening, selection, charge characterization and clone verification – in less time and with the highest data quality that you can rely on.

Cell Culture

Quickly optimize your cell culture conditions and get the right culture supplements to ensure your clone performs at its best. Our premium GMP media and media components optimize cell growth, viability, and protein expression, while our high-throughput automated platforms enable you to rapidly screen culture conditions, keep an eye on quality profiles and verify that all-important protein purity and yield.

Process and Product Characterization

Rest assured that your therapeutic product is as expected with our rigorous, reliable and fully-integrated purity, identity and activity assays to help to identify process parameters that impact the product quality and yield. Check for antigen specificity, critical epitopes of mAbs, binding to Fc receptors, enzymatic activity and more with our flexible custom reagents and services


Ensure that your therapeutic is stable in formulation and sails through stress testing with reliable, high-quality data. Our high-throughput, automated and fully integrated analytical solutions will help you rapidly identify optimum salts, pH, and excipients for your buffers, simplify charge heterogeneity and purity screening, and enable you to detect, quantitate and characterize troublesome aggregation earlier.

QC Product Release

Get your drug product across the finish line with our robust, thoroughly validated, and 21 CFR Part 11-compliant analytical platforms for GMP QC product release. They’re easy to use and will reliably and reproducibly demonstrate the integrity of your final drug product and confirm that residual contaminants are within regulatory limits. Get the reliable data you need consistently and easily.