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Why Tocriscreen?

Safeguard your research success by ensuring you have the right bioactive compounds for your research. Our carefully crafted Tocriscreen Compound Libraries are unique collections of ready-to-screen compounds, ideal to kick-start your project.

  • Boost innovation with a mix of gold standards and Tocris exclusives
  • Guarantee integrity with small molecules covering a wide range of pharmacological targets and research areas
  • Trust your results with selective, biologically active compounds that have proven pharmacological activity
  • Ensure reproducibility with quality-controlled compounds
  • Be fully informed with detailed biological and chemical information for each compound
  • Save time with ready-to-screen, pre-solubilized compounds (DMSO, 10 mM)
  • Safeguard continuity with easy re-supply from the Tocris catalog
  • Adapt libraries to your requirements with our Tocriscreen PRO Custom Library Service

Available Tocriscreen Bioactive Compound Libraries

A comparison of application and format for 'off the shelf' compound libraries. Click on the product names for more information.

Product Name

Catalog #

Research Area/Application

No. of Compounds

Volume (10 mM DMSO)

Tocriscreen 2.0 Micro


All Research Area


15 µL

Tocriscreen 2.0 Mini


All Research Areas


50 µL

Tocriscreen 2.0 Max


All Research Areas


250 µL

Antiviral Library


Virology & Immune Response


100 µL

Tocriscreen Epigenetics 3.0




100 µL

FDA-Approved Drug Library


Drug Repurposing


100 µL

Kinase Inhibitor 3.0




100 µL

Stem Cell Library


Stem Cells


100 µL

Brochure: Tocriscreen Compound Libraries

Learn more about the Tocriscreen range of bioactive compound libraries in this brochure:

  • Tocriscreen 2.0 Compound Libraries
  • Focused Tocriscreen Libraries
  • Tocriscreen FDA-Approved Drug Library
  • Tocriscreen PRO Custom Service
  • Application of Compound Libraries

How To Use A Bioactive Compound Library

Bioactive compound libraries are composed of small molecules and can be used for high-throughput screening in biomedical research, medicinal chemistry and chemical biology. These screening libraries provide researchers with bioactive compounds spanning a wide range of targets or research areas, or may be focused on a particular target type, research area or application.

Compound libraries can be used in a multitude of different assays and experimental paradigms, with differing biological outcomes and endpoints. The following sections provide examples of how compound libraries can be used for target validation, model/assay development, drug repurposing and identifying tool compounds.

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