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Custom Multiplexing from a Trusted Luminex Partner

Our R&D Systems development team has decades of experience developing, optimizing, and validating the highest quality Luminex assays for research through to clinical studies and diagnostic use. Our iterative development process includes comprehensive antibody screening, assay optimization, and manufacturability testing. Our dedicated scientists and project managers work closely with you to ensure your goals are met in a timely, efficient manner.

Customer Success Stories

Custom Luminex Assay Services

structure of R&D Systems GMP protein structure

Scalable Raw Materials

Accelerate your custom project using our extensive in-house collection of high-quality reagents. Lot sequestration of raw materials helps ensure consistency by reducing the need for lot qualifications over the long term while bulk packaging of kit materials reduces waste.  

Luminex Metabolic assay image showing Luminex bead antibody binding metabolic biomarker that is part of Luminex metabolic panel

Bead Region Conflict Resolution

We can help you personalize your multiplex microbead immunoassay using the most flexible Luminex design tool on the market. We can remove productivity barriers like bead region conflicts by reassigning bead regions. We do the development work. You get faster answers.

immunoassay solutions

New Analyte Development

With over 20,000 catalog and non-catalog antibodies and proteins, odds are we can accommodate the specific target that you are looking for. We assess feasibility and integrate the new analyte without wasting your time, money, or precious sample.

amber vial production line

Panel Optimization

Our flexible, fit-for-purpose assay modification and qualification services allow us to quickly ideate and adapt your Luminex assay to meet to your specific design goals. Custom assay services include panel optimization and validation as well as custom reagent manufacturing.

Custom Luminex Assay Development Process

Custom Assay Development Workflow

What You Can Expect

Quality Performance

Accurate and Consistent

Our defined assay development process helps ensure lot-to-lot consistency, manufacturing scale, and supply assurance—providing an established path to LDT development.  

Custom Services

Scientific Expertise

From custom reagents to feasibility assessments, our experienced scientists work closely with you to produce assays that are tailored to fit your precise experimental needs.

Bio-Techne has over 30 years of experience producing highly validated, consistently performing antibodies.

Proven Track Record

R&D Systems, a Bio-Techne brand, has developed a reputation for delivering high-quality custom reagents and extensive assay design expertise for robust, reliable Luminex assays.

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Exceeding Expectations

A defined development process and complete control over critical reagents help support lot-to-lot consistency, manufacturing scale, and on-time delivery of your custom Luminex assay.  


R&D Systems Luminex Custom Services - Multiplexing with Bio-Techne

Explore Our Custom Luminex Assay Services

Accelerate biomarker discovery, validation, and detection with unique multiplex panel configurations. 

We do the development work and you get results faster.

  • Create multiplex assays for existing or new analytes
  • Develop assays for your unique specifications
  • Validate your specific sample types
  • Experience a seamless transition into the clinic with IVD-cleared assays


Let's Discuss Your Custom Luminex Needs

Custom Luminex Application Note

To what degree does exposure to the common cold virus, SARS-CoV, or MERS-CoV enhance or diminish immunity to SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19 disease? Download this application note to see how a custom Luminex assay was used to answer that question.

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