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Partner with Bio-Techne for Custom Protein Services

When your research depends on unique proteins or specialized protein solutions, our Custom Protein Services team is here to assist you. With over 35 years of recombinant protein development and manufacturing experience, R&D Systems’ scientists have the expertise and the systems necessary to develop the reagents required to accomplish your research goals. Whether it’s developing a protein from scratch or customizing one from our catalog, our experienced development and project management teams will work with you to create the protein that fits your experimental needs. We offer custom protein development for unique proteins or specific mutant forms, specialized sizes and formulations, incorporation of non-standard labels, RUO to GMP conversion for ex vivo clinical manufacturing, and custom protein libraries.

Custom Protein Services

Illustration showing a specialized recombinant protein where a specific mutation has been introduced

Custom Protein Development

• Unique proteins made to your specifications, from the initial cloning and expression through purification and bottling

• Custom sizes and formulations of unique and catalog proteins

• Introduction of specific mutations

• The protein you need may already be available – we have a library of thousands of non-catalog proteins from >50 species that are already in stock and available to our customers, making custom protein development services unnecessary

Illustration of a specialized recombinant protein where a non-standard label has been introduced

In Vitro Protein Modifications

• Potential modifications include biotinylation, Avi-tag biotinylation, PEGylation, fluorescent protein labeling, and incorporation of non-standard chemical labels

• Labels are incorporated via amines, Avi-tags, or others to minimize interference with protein function

• Labeled protein is tested in the same bioassay as the unlabeled protein to ensure equivalent levels of activity

• Full QA testing is performed including purity, activity, and endotoxin levels

• Free conjugates are removed and protein to conjugate levels are determined

Picture of R&D Systems GMP-grade recombinant proteins that are available from Bio-Techne

GMP Protein Services

• Develop a GMP protein from scratch or convert an RUO to GMP for ex vivo clinical manufacturing

• GMP proteins are manufactured under guidelines that allow for their use as ancillary materials in cell therapy or further manufacturing processes

• Full transparency and traceability of source and manufacturing system

• Animal-free manufacturing is available

Custom Protein Libraries 525x315

Custom Protein Libraries

• Select from a portfolio of over 5,000 R&D Systems™ bioactive proteins

• Proteins are provided in a convenient, ready-to-use liquid format

• The proteins you select are aliquoted at bulk storage concentration into a 96-well plate to your specifications

• Plates come ready-to-use, reducing your hands-on time and speeding up your workflow

• Ideal for high throughput screening

• A plate map, coordinates, protein information, mass, and concentrations are provided

What to Expect

  • Our recombinant protein services utilize the same rigorous quality testing that we use for our catalog products, including N-terminal sequencing, bioactivity assays, and endotoxin testing
  • Each new production lot of protein is assessed for endotoxin using the Limulus Amoebocyte Lysates (LAL) assay. Our standard endotoxin specification is an industry-leading <0.1 EU/ug.
  • We test a variety of expression systems and purification methods to ensure the success of your project
  • We have scalable production capabilities to be able to meet your needs if larger amounts of protein are necessary for your research
  • The same developmental scientists that make our retail products will work to ensure that your project is a success
  • A dedicated project manager will be assigned to your project to capture specific product and performance requirements and provide progress updates
  • You will only be billed for milestones completed
Custom Services Cycle 1110x676

Effective partnering is central to ensuring end-users’ primary considerations of patient safety, lot-to-lot consistency, and supply chain reliability are addressed. Relationships with suppliers must be more than transactional.

Plan early and anticipate late-stage requirements to minimize disruptive changes later. Integrating RUO-grade cytokines with equivalent GMP-grade options early in your discovery process is an important part of smoothing your transition to clinical manufacturing. Take advantage of our cytokine performance consistency, supply chain, and GMP custom services.


About Us

The Bio-Techne brand, R&D Systems has over 35 years of experience developing and manufacturing the highest quality proteins to advance life science research. We utilize cutting-edge expression and purification procedures to provide our customers with the best proteins on the market. Our analytical capabilities, rigorous bioassay testing, and quality control specifications ensure that the proteins that we offer have the physical characteristics and bioactivity that our customers require. In addition to our large portfolio of catalog proteins, we also offer a wide variety of custom solutions to help scientists attain their research goals. Our expert scientists are ready to help you by creating high quality, customized reagents to your unique specifications. Watch this video to learn more about what our Custom Protein Services team can offer.

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