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Publish Your Results With R&D Systems ELISA Kits

Whether you are profiling the immune system, on the cutting edge of drug discovery, or evaluating a therapeutic response during a clinical trial Bio-Techne has an ELISA format to fit your needs.

  • Quantikine  - Ready-to-use, ready-to-publish sandwich ELISAs
  • QuicKits - Get your results faster
  • High Sensitivity - Quantify low abundance analytes
  • DuoSet - Develop your own customized ELISA
  • Automated - Simple Plex highly sensitive multianalyte ELISA
  • In Vitro Diagnostics - To meet your clinical needs

Choose the Best ELISA Kit for Your Research

Quantikine QuicKit Rapid ELISA

Quantikine QuicKit™ ELISA Assays

  • High throughput - Results in 90 minutes
  • Simplified protocol
  • Quantikine quality lot-to-lot consistency and reproducibility
  • Validated for serum, plasma, and cell culture supernates
Quantikine ELISA Kits, most published

Quantikine™ ELISA Assays

  • Optimized reagents and diluents for accurate sample values
  • Fully validated sample types - cell culture supernates, serum, plasma and more
  • Extensively tested for long-term consistency and reproducibility
  • Complete ready-to-use sandwich ELISA kits
  • Most cited ELISA on the market
High Sensitivity ELISA kits

Quantikine High Sensitivity ELISA Assays

  • Increased sensitivity using amplification system
  • Detects low abundance targets
  • Validated for serum and plasma sample types
  • Complete ready-to-use sandwich ELISA kits
Automated ELISA, Ella

Simple Plex Immunoassays

  • Fully automated, hands free workflow
  • Simultaneous detection of up to 8 analytes from just 25 μL of sample
  • High sensitivity with up to 4 logs of dynamic range
  • Easy set up with analyzed results in just 90 minutes
Duoset ELISA Kits, economical assays

DuoSet ELISA Development Systems

  • Matched antibody pairs for accurate sample values
  • Large menu - more than 1000 targets and 16 model organisms
  • Develop your own sandwich ELISA with matched antibody pairs, standard, and Streptavidin-HRP
  • Customizable
In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) ELISA Kits

Quantikine IVD ELISA Assays

  • 510(K) cleared ELISAs
  • Highly documented and validated
  • Complete ready-to-use kits for in vitro diagnostics

Parameter™ Colorimetric Competitive ELISA Kits

  • Fully validated ready-to-use competitive ELISA
  • Quantify small molecules and steroid hormones
  • Highly reproducible

QuantiGlo™ Chemiluminescent Sandwich ELISA Kits

  • Quantitative, chemiluminescent sandwich ELISA
  • Broad dynamic range
  • Complete ready to use kits

Customer Success Stories

Immunoassay Applications


Immuno-Oncology Research

From profiling cytokine secretion in cell based models to clinical research, R&D Systems offers hundreds of reliable cytokine, chemokine, and immune checkpoint inhibitor immunoassays for your studies.

Unique Animal Model Systems

Unique Animal Model Systems

With hundreds of immunoassays spanning 19 different species, R&D Systems can support you with your unique model organism research.

green immune cell sending out cytokines

Immune Response Profiling

Bio-Techne has a broad selection of immunoassays for immune response profiling. Choose the immunoassay that best suits your needs.

Automated ELISA systems Ella runs single, multianalyte and multiplex immunoassays

Analytical Solutions for Cell and Gene Therapy

Rigorously characterize your products for the safest possible therapies. Our platforms enable rapid and accurate analysis of protein contaminants and viral vectors.

Cytokine release from immune cell 250x250

Immunoassays for Type 1 Interferon Research

We compare our Type 1 Interferon Quantikine ELISA kits to the competition. The competition fails to meet commonly accepted standards for recovery and linearity.

T cell

Immunoassays for Cell & Gene Therapy Development and Quality Control

See how R&D Systems' immunoassay solutions expedite immune cell therapy development and manufacturing workflows.

Custom and Bulk ELISA Services

More than 1600 ELISAs Developed!

Leverage our industry-leading ELISA expertise to accelerate your custom project. We support you from feasibility to manufacturing. Custom ELISA services include ELISA development as well as ELISA modification and qualification.

Featured Content



A comprehensive guide exploring R&D Systems wide range of ELISAs including types of ELISAs, ELISA controls, best practices and troubleshooting.

Avoid False Positives in ELISAs

Avoid False Positive Data and Improve Performance

Learn how our proprietary blocking reagents help prevent false positive data in our ELISA Kits. Download this application to learn how R&D Systems maintains the highest quality ELISAs.

App Note Accurate Quantification of IFN Gamma

Accurate Quantification of IFN Gamma Across Immunoassay Platforms

Find out which IFN gamma immunoassay is best for your workflow needs. Download this application note to learn how Quantikine ELISA Kits and Simple Plex assays show near perfect correlation on the same samples.

Cover of the Cell Killing App Note

Quantify Secreted T Cell Activation Markers

Download this application note to see how Simple Plex assays are used to quantify secreted T Cell activation markers. Did you know that we also have ready-to-use QuantikineTM ELISA kits for the same markers? Read our application note and choose the assay that works best for you.


How to Run an R&D Systems Quantikine ELISA - an ELISA protocol video

Learn How to Run a Quantikine ELISA Assay

This video is a general step-by-step guide to running an R&D Systems Quantikine ELISA Kit. Quantikine ELISAs are exhaustively tested for superior quality and reproducibility. In addition, Quantikine ELISA assay kits are validated to meet stringent performance specifications.

How to Run an R&D Systems Quantikine® QuicKit™ ELISA

Learn How to Run a Quantikine QuicKit ELISA Assay

This video is a general step-by-step guide to running an R&D Systems Quantikine QuicKit.  This ELISA rapid test can be completed in 90 minutes.

How to Run an R&D Systems DuoSet ELISA

Learn How to Run a DuoSet ELISA Assay

This video is a general step-by-step guide to running an R&D Systems DuoSet ELISA kit. DuoSet ELISA Development Systems contain the basic components required to develop a sandwich ELISA, including matched antibody pairs, standard, and streptavidin HRP.

ELISA Recognition Awards

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