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Great Things Come in Small Packages: The Exosome Diagnostic’s Exosome Platform

  • Actively released by almost every living cell
  • Large density of exosomes in various biofluids, meaning potentially lower sample volume requirements
  • More abundant than CTCs and cfDNA
  • High-quality RNA and analyte analysis
  • Amendable to frozen storage
  • Lipid bilayer protects from enzymatic degradation
  • Snapshot of living process
  • Transcriptome & Proteome Information
  • Actionable Biomarkers including RNA, protein, and DNA
  • Ideal for clinical trials
  • Patient Stratification insights with liquid biopsy
  • Wide indication range including oncology, neurology, metabolic, cardiac, and more
Exosome Diagnostics

Exosomes Are a Treasure Trove of Biomarkers

  • Analyze DNA, RNA, and/or Protein
  • Profile the Entire Transcriptome with RNA-SEQ
  • Complete Clinical Workflow Solution with CGMP Capabilities 


Access The Commercial Exosome Platform to Expand Research in Cancer and Beyond

The exosome approach to biomarker discovery and development has distinct advantages over other liquid biopsy methods like ctDNA and CTCs. Exosomes are the platform to find clinical utility in diverse disease areas, including:

  • Oncology
  • Neurodegenerative Disorders
  • Cardiology
  • Immunology and Inflammation

Patented Technologies for Exosome Interrogation of RNA, Protein and DNA

Exolution: RNA

  • Proprietary RNA isolation platform
  • Downstream analysis includes can include Long-RNAseq platform

Exolution Plus: RNA + cfDNA

  • Proprietary Co-isolation platform to achieve high sensitivity for rare, low frequency mutations
  • Combination of RNA+cfDNA is more sensitive than cfDNA alone.

ExoEasy: Protein

  • Proprietary Protein isolation platform
  • Downstream analysis including ELISAs, Western Blots, MSD Find out more about other proprietary exosome kits

Partner with Exosome Diagnostics to Accelerate Challenging Research

  • Pioneers in exosome technology for the past 13 years and extensive experience in exosome-based RNA, Protein and cfDNA analysis
  • Gain from our experience commercializing the first exosome-based liquid biopsy clinical test on the market (LTD), The ExoDx Prostate Test
  • CLIA Laboratories with cGMP grade facilities