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All FluorChem instruments are discontinued as of October 2021. ProteinSimple will continue servicing these products through October 15th, 2026. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact ProteinSimple Technical Support at Toll-Free: (888) 607-9692 option 3 or

Still Running Western Blots? The Switch to Simple Western is Easy

Switch from FluorChem to Simple Western and Improve Your Protein Detection



Simple Western™

NIR/IR detection limit

high pg

low pg with Stellar™ Modules

Chemi detection limit

high pg

low pg

Serial immunoassays

strip and re-probe fully automated with RePlex™

Multiplex across Chemi, IR, and NIR detection at once

no yes

Single-step total protein detection and normalization

no yes
ProteinSimple Instrument: Simple Western

Bridge the Gap: Image Traditional Western Blots with Jess

Did you know Jess can image traditional Western blots?

Bring Jess into your lab and you can still image traditional chemiluminescent Western blots while you design your new fully quantitative and fully automated Simple Western experiments! Jess has a built-in chemiluminescence imager for Western blot imaging.

Results in 3 Hours Not 3 Days

Gel-free, blot-free, and hands-free

Simple Western instruments are the only gel-free, blot-free, and hands-free capillary-based immunoassay platforms that integrate and automate the entire protein separation and detection process. Just load 3 µL of sample come back 3 hours later to highly quantitative and reproducible protein expression analysis using conventional Western blot antibodies. Replace your outdated Western blot imaging system with Simple Western with industry-leading IR/NIR fluorescence and chemiluminescence detection.

Join your peers and step into the 21st century with Simple Western.

simple western advantage

High Sensitivity Fluorescence

FluorChem had multi-channel detection. Jess adds the sensitivity.

Is the NIR fluorescence on your Western blot imager not sensitive enough? With Jess, you can multiplex in chemiluminescence and multicolor NIR/IR fluorescence channels with sensitivity that demolishes traditional fluorescence imagers! Stellar NIR / IR detection modules for Jess set a new industry standard for fluorescent Western blotting detection sensitivity. Trade-in your Western blot imaging system with Jess and get industry leading IR/NIR fluorescence and chemiluminescence detection sensitivity.

Stellar fluorescence modules enable higher sensitivity detection of low abundance proteins as well as multiplexing of multiple targets, including multicolor immunoassays alongside chemiluminescence total protein staining within the same lane!

Industry-leading NIR/IR fluorescence detection sensitivity with Stellar

Never Strip and Re-Probe Again

Need more data from your sample? Don't strip and re-probe: RePlex instead

  • Are you having trouble completely removing the antibodies during strip and re-probe?
  • Are you losing signal during strip and re-probe?

RePlex will re-probe your samples without signal crossover or loss of sample – and it’s all automated! No more harsh chemicals and laborious hands-on steps.

RePlex on Jess and Abby completely removes antibodies from the first probing cycle so you can re-probe the same sample with fresh antibodies or perform total protein detection.

Unlike the strip and re-probe method, antibodies are completely removed and none of your sample is lost because the samples are covalently linked to the capillary.

Jess, Abby and Replex GIF

No More Housekeeping: Built-In Total Protein Normalization

Chemi, NIR, and IR multiplex detection with simultaneous total protein normalization

FluorChem Imagers offered molecular weight analysis, lane profiling, multiplex band analysis, and total protein normalization. Get all of that and more with fully automated Simple Western systems. Increasingly, journals and peer reviewers are requiring total protein measurements rather than housekeeping proteins to normalize your protein expression data.

Simple Western platforms automate total protein normalization for more accurate protein expression data. Jess’s multi-channel multiplex capabilities enable flexibility in how you measure total protein alongside your immunoassay data.

Automated protein normalization Western blot data on Simple Western
Multiplex detection of Actin (red) and HSP60 (green) with total protein detection (blue) on Jess.