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Our Diagnostic and Therapeutic Immuno-Oncology Services

Bio-Techne services of diagnotics and therapeutic immunooncology clinical research

Clinical Research - Immuno-Oncology

Get your immuno-oncology research from bench to bedside safely and in record time – identify targets and biomarkers with our range of dedicated clinical solutions that deliver consistency, scalability and supply chain security.

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Developing Immuno-Oncology Therapeutics - Aiming for the Target

Your immuno-oncology clinical research is driving a revolution in novel cancer therapeutics and we’re on board with you. Our mission is to help de-risk your discovery process and reduce attrition rates in the clinic to help steer you from the bench to the bedside.

At Bio-Techne we understand that GMP compliance and ISO specifications are important to you and your needs are important to us. We guarantee consistent, scalable and supply secure solutions for your clinical research.

Predictive biomarkers

Biomarker Discovery & Checkpoint Therapeutics – Breaking Down Barriers

Let us help you develop more effective immuno-oncological therapeutics in record time. Detect, quantify and validate novel biomarkers in precious samples with our clinical grade solutions – ensuring you have consistent and reliable results.


Custom Assay Services

Looking to develop custom IVD assays for your biomarker discovery? We’re hands-on with our custom assay services so that you can be hands-off and concentrate on developing ground-breaking immuno-therapies.


IVD RNAscope Assays

Be sure what you see is what you get - don’t settle for standard transcriptomics. Our IVD RNAscope™ technology enables you to identify RNA expression patterns and localization at the single cell level while maintaining the spatial and morphologic context critical for clinical relevance.

Exosome services

Exosome Services

Ground-breaking biomarker discovery doesn’t have to be difficult! We understand that exosomes are the next frontier and we offer our Exosome Diagnostics services so that you can focus on your work! From GMP exosome isolation to nucleic acid and protein biomarker detection – our exosome services have got you covered.

GMP Cytokines and Growth Factors

We make your transition to clinical manufacturing as smooth as possible by confirming our GMP proteins show the same bioactivity as our research-grade proteins. We also test each lot of our GMP cytokines and growth factors against a master production lot to ensure bioactivity consistency and simplify batch bridging. 

GMP Antibodies

Count on us for consistency and scalability - our custom GMP antibody services will convert your antibody to a recombinant and manufacture it according to GMP guidelines. We have expertise from antibody generation and validation to downstream analytics and regulatory support.

GMP Small Molecules

Manufactured in our ISO 9001 certified facilities using strictly controlled processes and with rigorous quality management systems, our GMP and Ancillary Material Grade compounds are intended for use in the manufacture of cell and gene therapies.

Bio-Techne's GMP Capabilities

At Bio-Techne, we pride ourselves in taking a supporting role in Cell and Gene Therapy manufacturing. We understand the importance of cell and gene therapy research, as well as the increasing demand for GMP-grade raw materials and services. 

We can reduce your manufacturing risks by providing industry-leading consistency, quality, reliability, and capacity.

Cell Therapy Services

Leverage the expertise of our scientists to develop the exact tools you need for manufacturing your cell or gene therapy.

GMP proteins, GMP antibodies, custom cell culture media, custom chemistry services, custom vialing of GMP cytokines by mass and activity.

This new eBook provides an overview of several biological and manufacturing challenges facing the development and production of T cell therapies. It follows with examples of how Bio-Techne products and services can address these challenges at each stage of the process.

Analytical Instruments

From Single-Cell Westerns with Milo, to fully automated and highly sensitive Western analysis with Simple Western, to Multiplex Assays with Luminex - we have a multitude of instruments to accurately, specifically, and efficiently analyze at all stages of your experimental workflow.

With Bio-Techne, you can get the exact analysis instruments for your unique research needs. 


Single cell simple western system Milo from Protein Simple

Gene Engineering Services

Realize the potential of gene engineering by partnering with our experts. Engineer any cell type including T cells, NK cells, and iPSC with our non-viral TcBuster™ gene delivery system.

  • TcBuster shortens the timeline and cost for engineering your cells.
  • TcBuster delivers larger cargo sizes compared to virus-based methods.