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Accelerating Immunology Research with World Class Reagents and Instruments

Immunology research is focused on characterizing the functions of different immune cells types and the molecules that regulate their functions. This is essential for understanding how the immune system protects a host against invading pathogens and the mechanisms that may lead to immune cell dysfunction under pathological conditions. Bio-Techne is dedicated to providing world class reagents, assays, instruments, and technical support to help advance immunology research. From natural killer cellsmacrophages, and dendritic cells to T cells and B cells, we offer products for isolating, culturing, identifying, and characterizing different immune cell types and cell type-specific subsets. We also provide a wide selection of reagents for investigating the mechanisms that regulate different immune cell functions. In addition to our reagents for basic research, we continue to expand our selection of innovative tools for ex vivo cell manufacturing, making it easier for scientists to transition their research from discovery to the clinic.

Immunology Applications

Isolate and Culture Icon

Isolate and Culture

Isolate, differentiate, and culture your immune cells using our cell selection and differentiation kits, cell culture media and supplements, and recombinant proteins. We specialize in providing the highest-quality reagents to facilitate your research on different immune cell types.

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Identify and Characterize

Explore our innovative set of tools for identifying and characterizing different immune cell types based on protein or RNA marker expression. We offer a wide selection of fluorochrome-conjugated R&D Systems™ and Novus Biologicals™ antibodies qualified for flow cytometry, innovative technology for performing single-cell Westerns on up to 12 targets per cell, and RNAscope™ in situ hybridization assays for spatially mapping and quantifying specific RNAs in individual intact cells and tissues.

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Utilize recombinant proteins, blocking and neutralization antibodies or a wide range of industry-leading, high performance Tocris™ small molecule agonists and antagonists to investigate the functions of chemokine and cytokine receptors, immune checkpoint molecules, components of the complement system, or molecules involved in immune cell signaling.

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Investigate and Quantify

Investigate and quantify immune responses using our gold standard immunoassays and innovative instruments that are specifically designed to simplify your experiments and provide you with more answers in less time.

Gene Engineering Services

Realize the potential of gene engineering by partnering with our experts. Engineer any cell type including T cells, NK cells, and iPSC with our non-viral TcBuster™ gene delivery system.

  • TcBuster shortens the timeline and cost for engineering your cells.
  • TcBuster delivers larger cargo sizes compared to virus-based methods.