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Lateral Flow Assay Services

Bio-Techne is a leading provider of bio-reagents and analytical instrumentation and now provides lateral flow assay development services, including:

  • Proof-of-concept assay development
  • Assay reagent controls
  • Strip design and optimization
  • Test performance validation
  • Test kit production and packaging

Bio-Techne has an extensive library of recombinant antigens and antibodies allowing for a compressed development cycle.

Custom Lateral Flow Scientist

Custom LFA Development Services

  • Antibody pair screening and selection
  • Gold particle conjugation and nitrocellulose membrane stripping
  • Plastic cassette fitting and foil bag packaging
  • Assay buffer development and bottling
  • Assay procedure optimization

The process has three phases – proof-of-concept phase, development/optimization phase, scale-up and technical transfer phase.

Custom Assay Manufacturing Services

We work with you to identify your needs to give your reagents and components for your testing

Gold conjugates - A wide range of custom services for conjugating antibody, antigen, or DNA oligo to high quality gold nanoparticles through classical adsorption approach and/or covalent reaction. The antibody or antigen of interest can be provided or selected from Bio-Techne extensive list of paired antibodies, antigens, and other proteins.

Test strips or dipsticks  - Bio-Techne offers custom stripping of antibody, antigen, or other capture agents to lateral flow nitrocellulose membrane and spraying and drying the gold conjugate pads, strip assembly and slitting into the strip or dipstick and packaging based on customer’s needs.

Assay run buffer development and bottling - blocker selection, interferant and non-specific binding.

Custom Assay Manufacturing Services Image

Ancillary Assay Components

Gold Conjugate Vials

Gold Conjugates

  • Anti-species antibody-conjugated nanoparticle.
  • IgG-coated nanoparticle, cIgY-AuNP, mIgG-AuNP, hIgG-AuNP.
  • General protein coated nanoparticle.
  • Hapten conjugated nanoparticles, such as, vitamin D-carrier-AuNP.
Lateral Flow Dipsticks

Test Strips and Dipsticks

  • Isotyping test strip or dipsticks, for mIgG, hIgG
  • Anti-cytokine test strip
  • Therapeutic antibody manufacturing process control rapid strip
Optimized Assay DNA Strand

Optimized Assay Reagents

  • Sample extraction buffer
  • Assay run/chase buffer
  • Coating and blocking buffer
  • Custom diluents
  • Large-scale manufacturing

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