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Automate Your Western Blot Quantification

  • Are you looking for reliable absolute or relative quantitation of your target?
  • Do you want to simultaneously detect high and low protein concentrations?

Quantitative Results with Simple Western

Our Simple Western™ systems give you the detection and quantitation you need for reliable results. Reliably detect signal saturation and work within the linear dynamic range of your assay. With HDR detection profile and analysis Simple Western gets you up to 6 logs of dynamic range. Get quantitative, reproducible results with Simple Western.

Generating quantitative results like dose-response curves with Simple Western instruments Jess and Peggy Sue

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Broader Dynamic Range than Western Blots and ELISA

Automated Simple Western assays have better detection and protein quantification for Western blot and over a larger range of sample concentration than ELISA.

Protein Quantification Graph

Strengthen Dose Response Curves

Simple Western is an ideal platform for dose-response measurements in drug development studies. Reveal changes in target abundance, target degradation, or post-translational modifications with:

  • High throughput
  • Speed
  • Sensitivity
  • Accuracy
  • Minimal matrix effects

Simple Western Charge and Size assays deliver accurate dose response measurements in a variety of applications including pharmacokinetic assays and targeted protein degradation.

Better Western blot quantification like PROTAC dose-response curve with Jess

From Your Peers in Drug Discovery

"I work for a fast-paced drug discovery CRO where our clients expect high-quality data with rapid turnarounds. Jess allows me to accurately assess drug compound potency, and with its high throughput ability I can screen multiple compounds quickly and efficiently."

- Rachel Doidge Ph.D, Senior Research Scientist, Aurelia Bioscience, Biocity, Nottingham, UK

Rachel Doidge thumbnail

High Sensitivity Multiplex

Quantify several targets at once with chemiluminescence and industry-leading NIR/IR fluorescence detection sensitivity. Stellar NIR/IR Modules™ for Jess can accurately quantify low-abundance targets by leveraging multi-color fluorescence and chemiluminescence multiplex.

RePlex™ Modules for Jess and Abby perform sequential immunoassay or total protein detectionLower the cost per run and further increase the number of quantitative results from your sample.

Industry-leading NIR/IR fluorescence detection sensitivity with Stellar

Automated Protein Normalization

Housekeeping controls are unreliable controls for protein normalization. Normalizing target protein expression data by total protein is the only reliable and accurate method to understand how protein expression changes as cells respond to their environment, and scientific journals are increasingly demanding it. Simple Western has several different methods for automated total protein normalization for publication-ready results. Jess has a dedicated fluorescence channel for total protein normalization. Just add the Protein Normalization Reagent and Jess will normalize your protein expression data of targets detected in chemiluminescence and NIR/IR fluorescence channels.

Jess Superplex Multiplex Immunoassay Chemiluminescence Fluorescence Graph

Automated Western Blot Quantification Analysis

Raw and normalized results automatically appear in Simple Western instrument software Compass for Simple Western.

Jess Superplex Multiplex Immunoassay Compass Table