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Submit Simple Western Antibody Validation Data

Simple Western Antibody Validation Submission Promotion

Help scientists and fund your research at the same time.
Grow the Simple Western™ antibody database by submitting new antibody validation data. Approved submissions receive:

  • Free Separation Module (8x25 capillary cartridges) for an antibody on a new target not currently in the Simple Western database.
  • Free Detection Module for a new antibody on an existing target or for an existing antibody using a different Separation Mode (Size or Charge).

How to Submit Antibody Validation Data

Checklist below includes details of submission requirements, click an icon to read additional information.

Antibody Validation Submission Checklist

1. Antibody (select one):

__  New antibody for a target not currently in the Simple Western antibody database

__  New antibody for an existing target in the Simple Western antibody database

__  Existing antibody using a different separation mode (size/charge)


2. Antibody Validation Data Quality Specifications:

At least one antibody concentration must meet the following data quality specifications

__  Signal-To-Noise Ratio (S/N) greater than 20

__  Signal height to background level ratio: greater than 3

__  Background using HDR less than 1000

__  Peak of interest about 80% of total area under the curve (minimal cross reactivity).  If protein has multiple peaks, the summed peak areas must be >80%.

__  Signal peak height less than 300,000

Assay Requirements

__  Single target per detection channel (RePlex data and Jess with single targets in different detection channels are accepted)

__  3 antibody concentrations across a reasonably broad concentration range

  • One antibody concentration must meet antibody validation data quality specifications

__  2 Negative Controls

  • No lysate control (i.e. 0.1x sample buffer + 1x fluorescent master mix)
  • No primary antibody control (i.e. sample at highest concentration tested + no primary AB + secondary AB only)

Other negative controls will be accepted at the discretion of ProteinSimple™.


3. Annotate Submission File:

One data file (.cbz) fully annotated

__  Labeled lane and electropherogram figures with target names and concentrations/dilutions

__  Labeled assay tab with sample and antibody names and concentrations

Promotion terms and conditions:  In exchange for participating in this promotion, your company agrees that ProteinSimple and its affiliated companies may use the annotated run file for commercial, promotional, and internal research purposes. Without company’s express written consent, ProteinSimple will not disclose that you participated in this promotion, and will not attribute the data/information shared with the annotated run file to you. By submitting data in this promotion, the individual submitting the form confirms, that he/she/they is/are expressly authorized to sign on and agree to the terms of participating in this promotion on behalf of the participant company.