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Namocell Single Cell Dispensers are the latest addition of best-in-class instruments in the Bio-Techne family

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Fast, Gentle & Easy Single Cell Isolation

Namocell Single Cell Dispensers, Hana™ and Pala™, are the fastest and easiest way to a single cell. Namocell’s proprietary technology combines microfluidics with flow cytometry and liquid dispensing, to accomplish effortless sorting and dispensing of single cells in one step, empowering a wide range of single cell applications, including cell line development, CRISPR and cell engineering, single cell genomics and proteomics, antibody discovery, rare cell isolation and synthetic biology.

Pala Video
Hana single cell dispenser instrument from Namocell, a Bio-Techne brand


One laser and two colors

Laser wavelength: 488 nm

Detection channels: FSC + SSC, FL1 533 nm (FITC/GFP), FL2 585 nm (PE/PI)

Pala single cell dispenser system from Namocell, a Bio-Techne brand


Two lasers and up to eleven colors

Laser wavelength 1: 488 nm

Laser wavelength 2: 405 nm or 561 nm

Detection channels: FSC + SSC, up to 11 fluorescent channels

Icon representing Namocell's speed


Dispense single cells into 96-well plate in 1 minute or 384-well plate in 6 minutes

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No calibration needed, no clogging

Zero maintenance

Icon representing Namocell's gentle processing


Gentle sorting preserves cell viability and integrity

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Work with sample density ranging from 100 cells/mL to 150M cells/mL

Sort cells in culture media

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Benchtop size, light-weight and portable

Fits inside cell culture hood

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Low cost of ownership and operation

Namocell Single Cell Dispenser Technology

Hana™ and Pala™ help you sort and dispense single cells into 96-well or 384-well plates or 2 mL tubes on your own bench. Three patented sorting modes:

  • Single cell sorting mode dispenses single cells, one cell per well.
  • Enrichment mode isolates rare cells from extremely large samples.
  • Bulk sorting mode sorts tens of thousands of cells in bulk.
Namocell Single Cell Sorting Technology Overview
Namocell single cell sorting cartridge with 3 key parts labeled

Namocell Disposable Cell Cartridges

High Cell Viability, High Outgrowth

Low sorting pressure (<2 psi) preserves cell viability and integrity and delivers more outgrowth.

Low Sample Input, High Recovery Rate

Near zero dead volume enables handling of small sample input down to as little as 100 cells.

High Throughput

Process up to 150 million cells at 3 million cells/min.

No Cross-contamination

Disposable cell cartridge prevents sample carryover.

Safe – No Aerosol Formation

1 μL droplet prevents aerosol formation.

Namocell Applications

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Namocell Single Cell Dispenser vs Traditional Cell Sorters

  Namocell Single Cell Dispensers Traditional Cell Dispensers
Pressure Less than 2 psi 20 - 70 psi
Initiation time 2 - 3 min 30 - 45 min
Processing speed 2 - 50,000 cells/second 2,000 - 20,000 cells/second
Fluorescence channels Up to 11 16
Minimum input 100 cells 200,000 cells
Droplet size 1 µL 0.001 - 0.005 µL
Sheath 6.5 mL/hr 1 - 2 L/hr
Sterile sorting Easy Difficult
96-well sorting Standard Optional
System clogging No Yes
Cost $ $$$

What Scientists Are Saying

Logo for Genentech

Mandy Yim

"Namocell Hana single cell dispenser provides a great solution for gentle single cell cloning using sterile disposable cartridges. The system is easy to use and quick to initialize. Hana combines the advantages of FACS and microfluidic cell dispensing to enable high assurance of monoclonality with high throughput and great cell viability."

Logo for Gladstone Institutes

Po-Lin So

"Our stem cell core facility was looking for ways to speed up our human induced pluripotent cell cloning to generate clonal cell lines and to analyze our gene editing efficiencies in single cells. Our criteria for an instrument for single cell dispensing was 1) sterility, 2) gentle on cells, 3) ease of use, and 4) reasonable cost. The Namocell fitted our criteria perfectly. We are able to reduce the time and effort for generating clonal CRISPR-engineered iPSC lines significantly. The instrument requires very little maintenance and users do not need to be highly trained with the main requirement being good aseptic technique. We are excited to use the Namocell potentially for other single cell applications."

Logo for Vertex

Michael Parsons

"The instrument works very well for our purposes of single-cell dispensing, primarily gene-edited lines. Easy to use; the setup and dispensing time is very short. It has the benefits of a FACS machine (binning by forward/side scatter), with lower pressure to help increase cell survival."

Trusted by Leading Institutions

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