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Spectra Viewer

Use this spectral viewer to see the excitation and emission spectra for all popular dye ranges (including Janelia Fluor® dyes and BDY dyes). It can be used to assess multiplexing options and suitable dye-antibody conjugate options. Note: absorption spectra may be displayed instead of excitation spectra.

Antibodies for Immunofluorescence Assays and Custom Services

Bio-Techne family brands provide a comprehensive range of the highest quality antibodies to support your research. We offer portfolio of over 40,000 IHC validated antibodies covering common and niche targets. Simply search for your target in the search bar above.

We also offer a comprehensive range of custom antibody services, including custom conjugation services, custom antibody development services, custom GMP antibody services and more.

Featured Dye Range

Janelia Fluor® (JF) dyes are bright, cell permeable and highly photostable small molecule fluorophores, which make them the perfect choice for live-cell imaging and super-resolution microscopy techniques, as well as flow cytometry, ICH and IHC. Janelia Fluor® dyes are supplied with a choice of reactive groups including click handles (tetrazine and azide), free acid, maleimide, and NHS ester (SE), allowing for simple biomolecule conjugation.

Janelia Fluor® dyes are conveniently compatible with popular self-labeling tag systems e.g. HaloTag® and SNAP-tag®.

With narrow absorption/emission spectra spanning across the color spectrum Janelia Fluor® dyes are perfect for multiplexing from green/yellow Janelia Fluor® 525, to the far red Janelia Fluor® 669.

Brilliant blue pig cardiomyocytes collagen lit up with Janelia Fluor Dye 549

Janelia Fluor® conjugated antibodies and custom conjugation services can be ordered through the website of our daughter brand Novus Biologicals.

HaloTag is a trademark of Promega Corporation, and SNAP-tag is a trademark of New England BioLabs, Inc.