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T cell-based therapies hold dramatic potential for treating intractable diseases by redirecting the power of living immune cells.

The in vivo performance of cell therapies will improve with deeper understanding of cellular behavior, while technological advances contribute to process efficiency, scalability, and safety. In this eBook, we outline several of the biological and manufacturing challenges for T cell therapies and highlight how our solutions can help overcome these obstacles at each process stage.

Whether you are at the earliest phase of discovery, looking to move your program into the clinic, or progressing rapidly towards commercialization, there’s undoubtedly a Bio-Techne solution for you. From ancillary materials to automated analytical tools. Bio-Techne is committed to delivering innovative solutions that enable cell and gene therapies to reach more patients.

Download your copy of this eBook to learn about:

Biological Challenges

  • T Cell Exhaustion
  • Checkpoint Blockade
  • Immunosuppressive TME
  • Cell Migration
  • Tumor Heterogeneity
  • Monitoring Efficacy and Toxicity
  • T Cell Subsets and Capabilities

Manufacturing Challenges

  • Scaling Up
  • Cell Characterization
  • Customization
  • Outsourcing and CDMO
  • Raw Materials Qualification
  • Transition to GMP
  • Quality

Process Stages

  • Isolating T Cell Populations
  • Cell Activation and Expansion
  • Cell Engineering
  • Cell Characterization
  • Monitoring Efficacy and Toxicity

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