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Read testimonials from your peers, to find out how scientists like you are driving pioneering research and diagnostics forward using Bio-Techne reagents, kits and instruments.

Our testimonials cover a range of research areas and methods, using everything from gold standard to GMP reagents, and revolutionary, award-winning instruments.

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  • Translating Traditional Western Blots to Simple Western is Fast and Easy

    Simple Western

    Using Simple Western has been extremely rewarding, especially due to how easy it was to transfer our western blotting assays to a fully automated format on Simple Western and how well CST antibodies perform on the platform.

  • Advancing Cell and Gene Therapies with Jess

    Simple Western

    Simple Western™ allows us to run three-hour assays, which would usually take us two days with traditional Western blots.

  • Restoring Autophagy, Reversing Disease with Jess

    Simple Western

    Jess allows us to immediately identify potential autophagy biomarkers as they are upregulated or downregulated in response to treatment. This allows us to use more advanced statistical techniques such as principal component analysis and hierarchal clustering to recognize key correlations in our research with ease

  • Accelerate Osteoarthritis Research Studies with Simple Western

    Simple Western

    The introduction of an Abby will enable us to answer important questions quicker, such as identifying the disease driving mechanism and molecules surrounding osteoarthritis. Moving away from the tedious manual western blotting process, which can take up to two days, and introducing automation will speed up time to data and provide increased sensitivity and accuracy.

  • Utilizing Simple Western to Understand Neuronal Markers in Schizophrenia

    Simple Western

    It can be difficult to optimize new antibodies, particularly for brain markers where you have a lot of background noise and low levels of your target. The appropriate control and low variability between plates using Simple Western™ means we can complete our studies in weeks rather than months.

  • Noelle Changes Her Brain Receptor Research Game with Wes

    Simple Western

    One of the best advantages of using Wes is that it saves a lot of time, both in terms of hands-on time and in time to completion of the experiment. We were spending more than 4 hours of hands-on time per Western blot with traditional methods, and we can set up a run on the Wes in about 45 minutes. Our Wes runs are completed in less than 4 hours, as opposed to 4 days with traditional methods.

  • Mary Ups Her Data Point Count on Laser Capture Microdissection Samples with Wes

    Simple Western

    We collect samples from laser microdissection and were using our entire sample on just one regular Western blot. With Wes, we can do multiple assays with one sample collection.

  • Miranda Sets a New Pace for Alzheimer's Research with Wes

    Simple Western

    The rapid, reproducible results on small amounts of tissue/cell lysates have allowed me to generate a more thorough data set on additional proteins, samples, conditions and brain regions all in the same amount, or even less time, as traditional Western blot. This technology has made it possible for small research labs to compete with the pace that research is conducted in large labs or companies.

  • Brian Cuts Time to Results and Solves His Membrane Protein Challenges with Wes

    Simple Western

    We had been trying to study receptor proteins with traditional Westerns but it was frustrating—we just could not get it. A few months with Wes and we've already had way more success than we had in three years.

  • Jamie Keeps Things Greener with Simple Western

    Simple Western

    The traditional blotting method can use up to 300 pieces of plastic and [Simple Western] uses two. What's even better is that [Simple Western] can run up to 40 proteins in three days. It would take about a week to run 40 proteins using Western blotting.

  • Distinguish PKG Antibody Isoforms with Simple Western

    Simple Western

    The Simple Western Charge assay, a capillary isoelectric focusing immunoassay, exceeded the reliability of 2D Western blots for resolving recombinant PKG-Iα and PKG-Iβ and uses 100,000X less sample quantity, making it well-suited for clinical disease proteomics because protein isoforms and post-translational modifications can be detected in precious tissue biopsies.

  • Emma Gets to Better Outcomes for Osteoarthritis Patients with Wes

    Simple Western

    Wes gives me more throughput so I can get more replicates and trust my results a little bit more, and I can trust them straight away rather than having to do a lot of repeats. And obviously I like getting results the same day rather than having to wait two days