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A Unique Range of Services for Targeted Protein Degradation Research

Bio-Techne offers a unique portfolio of custom services to support your PROTAC® discovery and development and target validation programs. Harness our expertise in custom chemistry to develop active degraders to knock down your target of choice, or access our custom degrader building blocks and custom building block panels capabilities to build you own degraders. We also offer custom E3 ligase development services, which enable you to build your own assays to investigate ubiquitination in the presence of a degrader. For target validation, we offer custom knockin cell lines expressing your target protein of interest as a fusion with a "TAG" protein for use with our TAG degradation platform.

Browse Our Custom Services for PROTAC® Discovery and Research

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Custom Degraders

We provide a wide range of off-the-shelf active degraders for your research, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for in our catalog, you can take advantage of our expertise in PROTAC® chemistry and partner with us for the custom design and synthesis of your active degrader of interest.

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Custom Degrader Building Blocks

We can also help you to build your own degraders by providing you with the building blocks you require. Our expert chemistry team is highly experienced in Degrader synthesis and can develop building blocks from different E3 ligase ligands and linkers of your choosing, not currently available off-the-shelf.

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PROTAC® Panel Builder

Our PROTAC® Panel Builder online tool allows you to rapidly generate a unique collection of functionalized E3 ligase ligands plus linkers of your choosing. Select any combination of E3 ligase ligand targeting Cereblon, VHL or IAP, with PEG or alkyl linker, and functional group to couple to your target ligand and we will send you a quote. Degrader development has never been easier!

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Custom E3 Ligases

Our Proteins Group provides superior quality Ubiquitin-Proteasome System Proteins/E3 Ligases enabling you to develop assays to investigate the activity of your Degraders on ubiquitination of substrate proteins. If you require a UPS Protein/E3 Ligase that is not on our website talk to our team about your research and take advantage of our industry leading experience in development and manufacturing of UPS proteins. 

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