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Janelia Fluor® Dyes for Super-Resolution Microscopy

Developed at the Janelia Research Campus, Janelia Fluor® dyes are exceptionally bright and highly photostable. They are well suited for super-resolution techniques including STED, PALM, and dSTORM.

Janelia Fluor® dyes are supplied with a range of reactive groups for biomolecular conjugation, including:

Conjugation protocols are available on

All amine reactive dyes can be converted to relevant substrates for use in self-labeling tag systems such as HaloTag® and SNAP-tag®.


All images kindly provided by Professor. C. Soeller, University of Exeter; images taken by Alex Clowsley and Anna Meletiou.

SNAP-tag is a trademark of New England BioLabs, Inc and HaloTag is a trademark of Promega Corporation.

Cardiac Tissue labelled with Janelia Fluor® Dyes. Images acquired using dSTORM
Photoactivatable Janelia Fluor® Dyes

Photoactivatable Janelia Fluor® Dyes

Photoactivatable Janelia Fluor® dyes are a favorable alternative to photoactivatable proteins for PALM microscopy. PA Janelia Fluor® 646, SE (Cat. No. 6150) and PA Janelia Fluor® 549, SE (Cat. No. 6149) can be used on both lived and fixed cells and can be multiplexed to perform two-colour sptPALM in live cells. Individually these dyes are suitable for single molecule tracking and PALM and sptPALM.

HM Janelia Fluor® 526, HM JF526

Featured dye: HM Janelia Fluor® 526

HM Janelia Fluor® 526, SE, (Cat. No. 7312) is a spontaneously blinking green-emitting dye, which is ideal for STED microscopy, single-molecule localization spectroscopy (SMLSM) and dSTORM. The spontaneous blinking properties of HM Janelia Fluor® 526, SE avoids the need for using strongly reducing dSTORM buffers.



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