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Brilliant cluster of Hela cells using fluorescent stains (DAPI) as nuclear counterstain

TSA Vivid™ Fluorophore Kits

TSA Vivid dyes improve the robustness of target detection, particularly for low-abundance targets, due to their exceptional brightness. They offer improved signal-to-noise in spatial biology applications: ISH, IHC and ICC. TSA Vivid dyes are optimized for use with the RNAscope™ Multiplex Fluorescent v2 Assay.

Vibrant, fluorescent organoid utilizing tissue clearing to render the organoid transparent

Tissue Clearing

Tissue clearing is a method used to render biological samples transparent, allowing deep-tissue imaging while preserving spatial resolution. Tissue Clearing Pro kit is designed for use with whole tissues, and Tissue Clearing Pro-Organoid kit for organoids, 3D cell cultures and microtissues.

Bright blue and orange mitochondria stained with MitoBrilliant, a fluorescent probe that harnesses Janelia Fluor dye technology


MitoBrilliant probes are next-generation fluorescent stains for the localization and tracking of mitochondria in both live- and fixed-cells. The MitoBrilliant range harnesses Janelia Fluor® dye technology, conferring some of the beneficial properties that make these dyes so useful, into mitochondrial stains.

Fluorescent Dyes

Our ready-to-conjugate dyes range from traditional small organic dyes to exclusive new technology, providing scientists with a full spectrum of choices for biomolecule conjugation and application. Learn more about the full range of fluorescent dyes available from Tocris. 

Fluorescent Probes and Stains

Fluorescent probes and stains enable visualization and study of cellular and subcellular components. They can either function as specific markers for single molecules, organelles, or cells, or can monitor environmental factors such as pH or polarity.  Learn more about the full range of fluorescent probes and stains available from Tocris. 


Single cell suspended in a population of cells

Flow Cytometry

Flow Cytometry is a laser-based technique that allows rapid multiparametric analysis of cell populations in a single cell suspension. Bio-Techne offers a broad-spectrum of antibodies and additional reagents and tools to streamline your flow cytometry experiments.  

Bright pink pig cardiomyocytes in super resolution utilizing Janelia Fluor 549 fluorescent dye

Super-Resolution Microscopy

Access far greater resolution images compared to traditional light microscopy with our fluorescent dyes compatible with Super-Resolution Microscopy (SRM) techniques such as STED, STORM, dSTORM, PALM and FPALM.

Microscopic image of tissue sections using immunohistochemistry technique.

Immunohistochemistry (IHC)

Immunohistochemistry (IHC) is an antibody-based technique that detects antigens of interest in fixed tissue sections, visualized by light or fluorescence microscopy. Bio-Techne offers a complete line of high-quality IHC products, including antibodies, detection reagents, tissue samples and controls.

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