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Armored Controls for Molecular Diagnostic Workflows

Asuragen, a Bio-Techne brand, provides robust, reliable molecular controls built on more than 20 years of product development and manufacturing expertise. Our Armored RNA®, Armored RNA Quant®, Armored DNA Quant™, plasmid DNA (circular and linearized), and in vitro transcribed RNA provide unique, target-specific solutions to meet all your molecular QC needs.

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Bio-Techne Molecular Controls - Armored RNA Quant®

What is Armored RNA Quant Technology?

Armored RNA® technologies stabilize and protect nucleic acids from nuclease degradation by packaging them in a protective protein coat. Armored reagents deliver several end-user benefits, for an optimized workflow.

Watch the Video to Learn More About Stable, Non-Infectious, and Customizable Armored Control Process

Bio-Techne's Armored Molecular Controls Best Practices

reduce complexity

Reduced Complexity

  • Available as catalog molecular controls or customized
  • High-quality control solutions to monitor extraction and process efficiency
  • Non-infectious, synthetic molecular constructs simplify shipping, handling, and storage
optimized workflow

Optimized Workflow

  • Deployable as extractable, exogenous internal positive controls
  • Degradation-resistant in majority of biological matrices
  • Multiple configuration and custom manufacturing options available
quality performance

Quality Performance

  • Available as cGMP controls and manufactured under an ISO 13485 quality system 
  • Validated targets and concentrations determined using metrological, traceable standards
  • Highly standardized, quality-controlled manufacturing ensures reliability and consistency

Molecular Diagnostic OEM Services

Assay Development Through Global Commercialization

With a cGMP manufacturing facility governed by our ISO 13485 certified quality system, we can provide customized target Armored RNA and Armored DNA as well as custom multiplexed panels. Extensive quality control measures support products derived from any step of the manufacturing process, including plasmid DNA (circular or linearized) and in vitro transcribed RNA. Custom targets are available in three different grades: evaluation, development, and cGMP.

Delivering custom design, reliable service, and seamless integration for molecular diagnostic manufacturers

Custom Armored Molecular Controls manufacturing roadmap

Molecular Assay Reagents

Our molecular assay reagents assist in various capacities, including sample transport, sample stability, and product development.

  • TSM III is a buffered solution ideally suited for the dilution of Armored products. The additives provide stability to the protein-coated nucleic acid through multiple freeze-thaw cycles when stored properly, allowing for more flexible and scalable testing processes.
  • RNARetain® is intended for the collection, storage, and transportation of fresh tissue specimens for subsequent RNA isolation and further molecular diagnostic testing. The collection of fresh tissue specimens into the RNARetain device eliminates the need to immediately process these specimens, enabling RNA extraction and molecular testing at a later time and/or transport to a different location.
molecular assay reagents

Tumor Bank

A unique tumor bank of >100,000 clinical specimens.

The specimens span over 100 discrete cancer types across all major classes including melanoma, ovarian, breast, colon, and non-small-cell lung cancers. Our specimens are formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissues, the majority of which are coupled with full histologic and demographic information.

Armored RNA and Armored RNA Quant are registered trademarks and Armored DNA Quant is a trademark of Asuragen and Cenetron Diagnostics. RNARetain is a registered trademark of Asuragen.

*For Research Use Only. Not For Use in Diagnostic Procedures

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